Vcodex founder Iain Richardson is an experienced expert witness in patent litigation cases. Professor Richardson has testified at deposition and trial at numerous cases since 2007. He is the author of four books and many research papers on video compression coding. Professor Richardson has a deep knowledge of software and hardware technology for video coding and the ability to explain complex technical issues in a highly accessible way.

In our experience, we can add the most value to a patent litigation case if we are engaged at an early stage of proceedings. We help our clients develop effective strategies for product analysis, source code examination and prior art review.

Case Study

In a complex patent litigation case at the United States International Trade Commission involving H.264 video compression technology, Professor Richardson was called to testify on the validity of a patent. He spent only 30 minutes on the witness stand. Our client was delighted because as a result of the strength of Professor Richardson's expert analysis, the opposition dropped its invalidity case.

Some cases at which Prof. Iain Richardson has testified:

  • Patent Trial and Appeal Board, Inter Partes Review IPR2015-00302, 2015
  • United States International Trade Commission Investigation 337-TA-885, 2013
  • United States International Trade Commission Investigation 337-TA-837, 2013
  • United States District Court (Southern District of California) Case No. 3:10-cv-02618, 2012