27 Jan 2009

Here's an interesting article:

It's interesting because it claims that MJPEG is better than H.264. This is a strange claim. If you want to do Intra-only coding (i.e. no motion compensation), you can use H.264 in Intra mode. Detlev Marpe demonstrated that H.264 in Intra mode has similar performance to Motion JPEG2000:

Note that Marpe includes actual results, unlike the article above. So, even in Intra mode, H.264 will significantly out-perform the older MJPEG standard. Using Intra and Inter coding (i.e. adding motion compensation) will increase the performance dramatically, even if there is a lot of camera movement and detail in the scene.

If in doubt about competing claims, ask for rate-distortion results and independent subjective test results. For example, see this site for some third-party codec comparisons:

Or send me an email - I will try and answer it and give you an impartial opinion.

- Iain.