Vcodex was formed in 2007 by Professor Iain Richardson and Pat Ballantyne

Based in the UK, Vcodex has a strong presence in the USA and also operates in the EU.

Vcodex partners with law firms and technology companies to bring value to intellectual property. Our services include patent analysis, expert witness and source code review and specialist support for technology and intellectual property transactions. Founded by international expert Iain Richardson, Vcodex brings world-class expertise in video compression coding and multimedia streaming.

Patent Analysis

Vcodex brings world-class expertise and understanding of video coding and media streaming as well as an in­-depth knowledge of industry trends and regulatory frameworks. This means that we can rapidly and accurately assess technical benefits and risks within a patent portfolio. We identify important patents quickly.

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Expert Witness

Vcodex founder Iain Richardson is an experienced expert witness in patent litigation cases. Professor Richardson has testified at deposition and trial at numerous cases since 2007. He is the author of four books and many research papers on video compression coding. Professor Richardson has a deep knowledge of software and hardware technology for video coding and the ability to explain complex technical issues in a highly accessible way.

Iain Richardson

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Identifying Value

We work with patent owners and managers to add value in corporate and intellectual property transactions including patent acquisitions, sales and licensing negotiations. Vcodex provides internationally recognized expertise in video compression and streaming technology. Our knowledge of industry trends and our experience in patent analysis brings essential clarity and insight into the process.

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Vcodex is the creator of Beamshare, a revolutionary review and sharing application for video professionals.